LOR - Letter of Recommendation

Apart from this being the coolest internship story for your job interviews and your education interviews, we will give you a letter of recognition along with a certificate to honor your contribution.



Your fixed stipend for each month is Rs 3,000. Apart from this there will be goodies at different levels of task completion and added incentives.



Event Sponsorship

Each event you organize or partner with has the potential of getting ₹50,000 worth of Merchandise from RedCarpet. You will be the guy responsible to decide your merchandise budget for the event and get it approved from us. After the event, you will also be responsible for measuring the success of the event.



For each user, you bring on board using successful events and partnerships, or otherwise, we will give you ₹200*. You will earn as much as ₹30,000 with us if you stay the course.



Lifelong Learning

Want to do a crash course in MBA? Check that out of your bucket list. This internship will be just that - a crash course in negotiation; communication; strategy and execution.

Campus Ambassador Form

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