At RedCarpet we’re made of brilliant geeks, confident professionals, fearless innovators and boundless foodies. Our team is made up of smart, passionate, and all-around awesome people hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re beginning to grow our company in the heart of New Delhi (and soon all over India)… and trying to establish our culture of innovation across the Indian subcontinent. The founders bring in almost 2 decades of combined experience in building startups, writing code, deep analytics and CXO leadership at top-3 ecommerce players in India and abroad. Our investors are some of the best in the world.

A typical day at work.

You will come into office in the morning and grab a cup of coffee. We discourage coming into office late, and working till midnight. We only work late at crunch releases. We consider it a failure if we have to work weekends... but we do not complain if we have to get that critical release out. We realize that Google and Tesla was never built by 9 to 5 hrs. We never check Facebook or Instagram in office - we would rather put in solid hours of work and go for a Crossfit session in the evening, than wasting time and working till midnight. We encourage you to put your head down and take a nap when you want. Snoring is discouraged.

Work with best

You will always hire and work with people smarter than yourself. We're looking for people who are unafraid to compete with big name universities and fancy titles... and are excited to build something entirely new. We want people who are fearless and hungry.
On the technological front, you'll be working with our data science stack, our mobile apps as well as our web services. You will be unafraid to rewrite the entire python code because cProfile showed list comprehension is slowing down a batch operation on a machine with 256 mb RAM. You will inspect bytecode to realize "BUILD LIST" is being called way too many times.
Or you may be part of our customer facing operations and will bend over backwards to improve the customer service experience or building operational efficiencies in collection and recovery. You will find new ways to help your customers access honest credit lines and help plan their repayments. If you come on board as a marketing wizard we would expect you to come up with strategies that help the brand dazzle in the market. At RedCarpet, we have a simple definition of Power. Seniority is NOT Power. Capable execution of Responsibility is Power. We do not recognize any power that comes with seniority.

What we look for

We NEVER hire based on college degrees or where you went to college. For our technical positions, your github or kaggle profile outranks your college degrees. In fact, we have proudly hired and work with people who don't have college degrees. For non-technology positions, you have to be extremely competent in your area of expertise and will need to be extremely hands on. We do have a few top pre-reqs in order to be considered as a ComREDe:

- Ownership & Taking initiative.
- Empathy and Making Friends: Passion for food and an interesting taste in music.
- Courage: Are you afraid to learn a new framework?

At RedCarpet, we expect everyone to be collaborative, polite, extremely motivated and smart. We continually push ourselves and each other to be better. Above all, we passionately believe that you should be inspired by and enjoy being around the people you work with. Our investors include founder and YCombinator superstar Justin Kan, YCombinator, Google Launchpad and others.

Values that we live by

There are certain beliefs that are the core foundation of a person, these are the rules that you live by. This is what we believe in at RedCarpet. This is our "culture-fit"
- Relentless - like a Honeybadger
- Trust, low-ego - Learn to "Disagree and Commit"
- Move fast and break things
- Everyone is hands on. No exceptions.


There are some things we don't negotiate on.
    - Competitive salary
    - Early-stage equity
    - Pizza, coffee and beer
    - Contribution matching
    - Strict culture of meritocracy
    - Open source contributions


We are hiring for some awesome positions

Engineering & Product

Data Science