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Get loans and credit on Platinum RedCarpet Card for anything you want.

RedCarpet Card is pre-enabled for ATM / POS / Online Txn.

Buy Now. Pay Later.


Meet the RedCarpet app

No Paperwork

No Paperwork

Papers? Nahh. Environment comes First 🌴.

Easy Reload

Easy Reload

Exhausted the limit? Get a card Reload instantly on our App.

Any time Money

Any time Money

Need Cash? With RedCarpet Card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM, any time!

RedCarpet's Exclusive Ruby Card

With RedCarpet Ruby Card you have control over your funds like never before. Ordering food or booking movie tickets from an app or website? Just enter the details and your OTP. Safe. Easy. Secure!

RedCarpet's Exclusive Ruby Card
Built Logo

Designed For Honesty

At RedCarpet, your privacy and data is what matters to us the most. Our product is built around the policy of honesty. We first state the reason and then ask for permission and data.

We also make sure that all of your data is stored in Indian Data Center with industry leading security mechanisms to keep it safe and sound!


One Stop App to Control Your Card

  • Card Statement

    Card Statement

    View detailed card statement on app or website.

  • Manage Card

    Manage Card

    Our App provides one stop solution to manage your Card.

  • Track Payments

    Track Payments

    Track your payments easily and seamlesly.

  • Due Date

    Due Date

    Know exactly when you need to clear you debt.

  • Amazing Deals

    Amazing Deals

    Get amazing deals when you shop with our Card.

  • Card Reload

    Card Reload

    Easily reload your Card with our App and get going!

Card Statement
  • Instant Credit
  • Boost your Score
  • Card Reload

Improve Your Credit Score.

Start your loan journey with RedCarpet and boost your credit limit so that you never have to wait for something that you always wanted to buy.

Instant Credit

Get instant credit with RedCarpet Ruby Card.

Boost your Score

Timely pay your dues and boost your credit score.

Card Reload

Each reload in card will help boost your score.

How it works?

How to apply for card?


Step 1

Download the App from the Play Store.


Step 2

Upload Your KYC documents.


Step 3

Apply for card or any personal Loan.


Step 4

Spend your money on anything you like!

Why Users love us?

No need to save for something you really want to buy! No need to block your funds! We got you covered.

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