A typical Day at work

You will come into office in the morning and grab a cup of coffee. We discourage coming into office late, and working till midnight. We only work late at crunch releases. We consider it a failure if we have to work weekends... but we do not complain if we have to get that critical release out. We realize that Google and Tesla was never built by 9 to 5 hrs. We never check Facebook or Instagram in office - we would rather put in solid hours of work and go for a Crossfit session in the evening, than wasting time and working till midnight. We encourage you to put your head down and take a nap when you want. Snoring is discouraged.


Work with the best

You will always hire and work with people smarter than yourself. We're looking for people who are unafraid to compete with big name universities and fancy titles... and are excited to build something entirely new. We want people who are fearless and hungry. On the technological front, you'll be working with our data science stack, our mobile apps as well as our web services. You will be unafraid to rewrite the entire python code because cProfile showed list comprehension is slowing down a batch operation on a machine with 256 mb RAM.


What we look for?

We NEVER hire based on college degrees or where you went to college. For our technical positions, your github or kaggle profile outranks your college degrees. In fact, we have proudly hired and work with people who don't have college degrees. For non-technology positions, you have to be extremely competent in your area of expertise and will need to be extremely hands on.

Values that we live By

There are certain beliefs that are the core foundation of a person, these are the rules that you live by. This is what we believe in at RedCarpet. This is our "culture-fit".

  • Be Brave. Be Better Than Us.
  • Relentless - like a Honeybadger
  • Trust, low-ego - Learn to "Disagree and Commit"
  • Move fast and break things
  • ...

    Culture Talk

    Our culture is inspired by giants who have come before us. These are some of the things we believe deeply in

    There's a subtle reason that programmers always want to throw away the code and start over. The reason that they think the old code is a mess is because of a cardinal, fundamental law of programming .. It’s harder to read code than to write it.

    Joel Spolsky

    It's arrogance to think you are smarter than other smart people. But you can outwork them.

    Keith Rabois

    The best relationships are peer relationships. Better to have people work with us than for us. Debate rather than dictate.

    Naval Ravikant

    Premature optimization is the root of all evil (or at least most of it)

    David Knuth

    Better to make a few users love you than a lot ambivalent. Make something people want.

    Paul Graham

    Happiness isn’t an on/off switch. “If I finally get X, I’ll be happy” is a lie. Like fitness, happiness is built over time through practice

    Justin Kan

    What focus means is saying no to something with every bone in your body think is a phenomenal idea, and you wake up thinking about it, but you end up saying no to it because you're focusing on something else.

    Jony Ive, on learning from Steve Jobs

    No, you just want people to like you. And I'm surprised at you because I thought you really held the work up as the most important, not how you believed you were perceived by other people.

    Steve Jobs, on giving polite feedback about products


    There are some things we dont negotiate on

    Competitive Salary

    Do the best of what an early stage startup can pay

    Early stage equity

    Own the company. Share in the glory. Take a slice of a billion dollars

    Calorie-conscious catered lunch.

    We care about your wellness. (sometimes we do have pizza, coffee and beer! )

    Work Remotely (sometimes)

    We get it. Sometimes you want to work in your pyjamas. That's fine with us. (as long as you dont kill the team vibe)

    Take a nap

    We encourage you to sleep at work. (Seriously!!). Dont snore.

    Strict culture of meritocracy

    There are no bosses here. No "sir" or "madam".


    Following list displays our current required positions. This list will update regularly.

    At RedCarpet. Our backend tech stack uses Redis, Celery, Flask, Python, Docker, Postgres and Scikit. You will also end up touching a whole bunch of ReactJs for our internal webapps. We plan to build a stack that is scalable and builds on top of technologies like Kubernetes, PySpark, Luigi, AWS Lambda, Kafka, Gevent and Asyncio. We are looking for you to architect that. We were looking for someone to join us as our Technology Architect and join us on this incredible adventure. We’re looking for someone with a strong architectural and hacker background and willing to stand their ground and fight for what they believe is best - but be able to be pleasant while dealing with people. An engineer in this role is expected to design, build, deploy, and manage systems from scratch. You will wear multiple hats of “architect”, ”tester” or “debugger” … everyone is expected to build systems from scratch. This means that you will need to learn, ideate and innovate on various layers across the stack… and that comes with a tremendous amount of learning.

    Some of the most incredible programmers Ive known do not have pretty resumes, so we have no minimum requirements for degrees. We’re also hyper-equal-opportunity quality work knows no bounds for race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. If you love your work and breathe code, we’ll do amazing things together, no matter who, what, or where you are. We do put a very high premium on your past work - and especially your github and play store portfolio. Please do not forget to send that in.

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    At RedCarpet. Our Company motto is "We believe in you" - we create technology to build foundations of trust-based finance. We want you to bring that emotion to the front. Lending and Credit are extremely complex processes. Making sure thet users journey through the heavy-duty onboarding (with lots of documents and data) is as fun and joyful as possible. We also need to make this happen anytime and anywhere, which means that this needs to happen on a smarttphone form factor. Combine that with our completely path-breaking Whatsapp-like approach to lending ... we have pretty much thrown the design rulebook out of the window. We Want you to be someone who wries the new rulebook.You will run End-to-end execution- Develop process flows, wireframes, mockups and all graphic components. Design the ui architecture,interface,and interaction flows of mobile apps. Leadership - Conduct usability studies and user interviews. Please be prepared to own Google Analytics and Mixpanel feedback. You will be part of the leadership of the product team. important- We would prefer for you to join us fulltime. However, we understand that some designers prefer working as consultants. Talent beats convenience for us - we will work with you either ways

    We we would really love for you to have a behance or dribbble profile… or some sort of a portfolio. Please do send it to us.

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