We have recently been notified that someone is misusing our name and pretending to be RedCarpet.

If you are contacted by a person that asks for money to complete a loan transaction and claims to be from RedCarpet, it is a scam.

RedCarpet does not ask for money in order to complete loan applications. RedCarpet does not require you to send money in order to obtain a loan. If you are are contacted by anyone representing to be RedCarpet and you are unsure whether it is RedCarpet, please do not provide any information or money.

Phone us back directly at +911244050337 or email us at

The email verification code is sent in the first RedCarpet email you receive, entitled “Welcome to RedCarpet.” If you did not receive this, please check your e-mail SPAM or junk folder. If you still do not see the e-mail verification code there, please contact us at and we will assist you.
If you are certain that you did not receive a phone call with your code, please request the code again by clicking the button that says “Call with code” on the online application. We cannot email your phone verification code.