RedCarpet Cobranded Card SDK

Integrate Redcarpet SDK into your app. KYC & credit-scoring pre-integrated.

Start issuing cobranded credit lines on cards. Go live in days. We take care of risk & collections


The SDK for all your needs!

Our SDK is divided into 4 parts for easy understanding and integration.

Redcarpet Customer Onboarding SDK

Onboard the user by fetching personal details and their documents. Features like mobile number verification, aadhaar verification also also inbuild for smooth onboarding.

Redcarpet Card Management Sdk

Issue card to users, set pin, fetch card details & limit, block/unblock on user’s request, set daily usage limits and much more.

Money Management SDK

Fetch card statement, previous bills, pending dues, payment schedule and more.

Redcarpet Card Bill Payment SDK

Provides an easy way for users to pay their pending dues. All major payment methods are available including UPI and NACH.

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Easy Integration

Want your users to have access to easy credit? We provide a super easy to integrate SDK for your app which can be used to onboard your users onto our platform. With just few steps your users will be issued a new card. SDK can be used to manage the whole lifecycle of the card, starting from onboarding users, to issue card, activate it and do bill payments. Our SDK is a one stop package for you to manage the credit of user.


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