28th Jun 17

There are very few things in this world that match up to the joy of reading. To be able lose oneself in the magical world of woven words & get transported to any destination in the universe, while sitting in the cozy comfort of your home or perhaps your favourite coffee joint, is rejuvenating to more senses than one. And in the age of internet and e-books, only true bibliophiles would understand the romance of reading from an actual paperback or a hardcover. The smell of books, using your lovable bookmarks to keep a check of where you're at, or even gifting someone a book with a special note - all these are things that no Kindle can match up to. An actual book doesn't even have a battery to drain, so you can read all day long! And what better time than summer break to catch up on all the titles that you have been meaning to? However buying a lot of books can get expensive. So here is a guide to amazing haunts in the capital for cheap books that are a must visit for every student (we have listed out places where you can find college course books as well) and all other true blue book lovers.

  1. Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

    This is one of the oldest and largest book markets in Delhi and NCR, where books of various courses are available at a reduced MRP. The shops here stock innumerable books and novels, and it is the ‘to-go’ place for all college students who want to buy heavy and expensive books at a bargain rate.

  2. Sunday Book Bazaar, Daryaganj

    Crown jewel of the Sunday Daryaganj Market, this morning book bazaar is a treasure trove in its own right. Open from about 9am, you will be able to find the rarest of books starting at 100 rupees per kilo! It’s best to reach the market early to find the best deals and beat the heat as well as too much crowd.

  3. Nai Sarak, Delhi

    Name the book and you’ll get it here at unbelievable rates. You will not get disappointed after visiting this market where shops are spread out on the streets with double storey buildings that have an old British touch, giving a special essence to the place.

  4. Book Fairs at Pragiti Maidan

    The book fairs organized at Pragiti Maidan at the beginning of February and August are not supposed to be missed out on. While you will get most books on sale, at some stalls books ranging from bestsellers to rare authors of various courses and genres can be bought from here at swooping price ranges of 20 to 200 rupees!

  5. Jain Book Depot, Connaught Place

    If you make often visits at Connaught Place then you most definitely have seen this excessively crowded book-shop. You will be able to find whichever course book you are looking for, at cheap rates here, and the best part, you can bargain your way out. You can also rent out second-hand books from this shop and return after you are done.

  6. Ram Gopal Sharma & Sons, Shankar Market

    If you wish to buy second-hand books or borrow books at half the MRP, then this bookshop cum library is THE place to visit. Not only just college books, but the shop will help you find underrated authors who have written some wonderful pieces of work. The owner himself is a book-lover and will let you walk through his collection without any agitation. You can buy books from here at the lowest price of just 100 rupees.