RC Intern Talk: Akanksha Verma on her RedCarpet experience.

14th Jul 17

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Every summer the RedCarpet office is abuzz with interns. This year, out of over 800 applicants only a handful were selected and in the period of 1-3 months that they are with us, we ensure that our interns get to work meaty projects so that the time spent at RedCarpet is truly enriching for these young guns! In this new blog series, we talk to our interns about their experience. Here is what Akanksha Verma had to say -

RC: Hey Akanksha! Glad to have you here. To begin with, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and what are your career goals?<br> AV: I’m from Bhopal and I’m pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. I will complete my MBA in June 2018. After MBA I wish to get placed in a corporate house and gain as much experience and knowledge as I can, so that after a few years of experience I’m capable of starting up a business consultancy firm, taking on projects related to analytics. I have done my graduation in BA (Hons) Business Studies from De Montfort University, UK. Therefore I have more of a management background rather than technical background.

RC: How did you find out about RedCarpet and what made you want to intern here?<br> AV: My college provided me with this internship. All the communication was been between my college and RedCarpet, before I joined here.

RC: Can you tell us, how exactly did you land this internship? What was the process?<br> AV: The process for my selection was based on an assignment sent to me through email. Although, I could only complete 70% of the assignment because of my end semester exams. Still I luckily made my way here. But my skills were tested in the first week of the internship before I actually got a project to work on.

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RC: What kind of projects did you get to work on here? Was it the kind of work that you wanted to do?<br> AV: The project I worked on was based on financial reconciliation. It included working on Excel, Python and Sql. The project was challenging for me because on day one, I had zero knowledge of Python. But I could not have expected anything more than what I got and I believe no other company in India can provide an internship of this level in Data Science because companies don’t let people work on real time projects in a 45 day internship. There was not even a single day during my internship when I was not learning something new.

RC: How beneficial was this internship for you - your most important takeaway?<br> AV: I’m glad to be a part of RedCarpet. My most important takeaway is that a never give up attitude helps a lot. There is no problem, which cannot be solved. The only thing required is persistence. And when a person is open-minded to learning, there is no challenge, which can stop him/her.

RC: What was the most challenging thing that you had to do?<br> AV: The most challenging part was to learn about Python and get working on it in a limited time, so that I could complete my project on time. But overall Sandeep sir broke the complex work into small steps for me and working under his strict guidance, I learned to overcome every challenge.

RC: How was the work atmosphere at RedCarpet?<br> AV: The work culture in RedCarpet has been wonderful. There is something to learn from everyone here. I met some really amazing people here and I wish to be connected with them even after my internship getting over. At RedCarpet, the top most priority is timely completion of work, other than that there is a lot of freedom and no unnecessary corporate rules.

RC: Do you have any favourite moments that you would like to share with us?<br> AV: My favourite moment during the internship was to get praised in front of my father when he came to visit the office. Other than that my favourite moments were when I used to get my codes working after being stuck on a problem for some time, it really felt great.

RC: Now that your internship has almost ended, what are your plans for the future.<br> AV: Now that my internship has ended, I have to go back and continue with my MBA program.

And we wish you all the best with that :) !