5th Aug 17

Prince almost was on his way to another internship in Hyderabad, when at the last minute he got a confirmation from RedCarpet and he decided to stay and intern with us in Delhi. What exactly made this young techie stay back? Find out below. Presenting our second intern from the summer, in this series - Prince Chauhan:

RC: It’s awesome to have you here with us Prince! To start with, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and what are your career goals?<br> PC: I am an undergraduate computer science student. I like to think of me as an all-rounder who believes in hard work. For things other than programming, I am a lazy person who likes being an extremist. I appreciate the art of writing. And I love to talk, help and motivate. Right now, I want to be a Software Development Engineer and get into some serious development work, that helps people.

RC: From where did you get to know about RedCarpet and what made you want to intern here?<br> PC: A google search of “Python internships in Delhi” led me to redcarpetup.com/jobs where i directly mailed Sandeep sir and was redirected to apply on Internshala. The assignment for getting selected was interesting and really challenging for me. Although I was not able to completely solve it but in the process, I learned quite a few things. I thought that if I get to solve problems like this then for a test, then by the end of the internship i'll be a much better developer. Moreover, RedCarpet is a successful startup and the fact that I would get an awesome stipend, were the secondary factors.

RC: What was the process of landing the internship?<br> PC: After being shortlisted on Internshala, I received an assignment. At first, I thought, that this would be impossible for me to solve. I took some deep breaths and decided to work on the problem in baby steps. After struggling for around 3 days, I submitted my best answer. On analysis of my code, I was kept on secondary evaluation. Therefore, I continued with my hunt for internships in other companie and even got one in Hyderabad with a better stipend, but wasn't satisfied with it. I was on my way to Hyderabad via Delhi when I got a mail from RedCarpet with the subject line “Offer of Internship”. I immediately accepted it and decided to end my journey for the internship hunt at Delhi.

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RC: What kind of projects did you get to work on here? Was it the kind of work that you wanted to do?<br> PC: I worked on a software to automate and make the work easy for the collection team. I wasn't expecting this kind of work. But am happy, that I got out of my comfort zone to develop on new cool platform and added it as another skill in my resume.

RC: What would say was the most beneficial part of this internship - your most important takeaway?<br> PC: “Don't be afraid to learn new things”<br> “Use better tools”<br> “Work layerwise”<br> These are some beautiful things I have learned from Sandeep Sir and are my most important takeaways as a developer.

RC: What was the most challenging thing that you had to do?<br> PC: Starting with a slow perfomance in my first week, Sandeep sir suggested that I put in more effort and time. I was very much willing, but after travelling for around 2 hours from Greater Noida (my home) to Sultanpur (office), and another two hours to back home, I used to run short of time. Even after working on Saturdays and Sundays, I was not satisfied with my work. Coping up with this was most challenging part but I am happy that I ultimately did.

RC: How did you like the work atmosphere at RedCarpet?<br> PC: Really open. Flexible work hours. Most people were helpful. No restrictions. I used to code playing music on my earphones. And if you work on saturdays you get yummy lunch like Biryani, Burgers, Pizza etc. :)

RC: Surely there must be a few favourite moments here, can you share them with us?<br> PC: I think the entire internship was my favourite. Working under Sandeep sir was adventurous. Talking to Swagat sir (my mentor) and Rajhans sir was fun. Lunch, juice breaks and discussions with other fellow interns were good. Most memorable was my last day when there was a party in the office and after the party we (all the interns) were roaming around in Delhi at night.

RC: Now that your internship has almost ended, what are you looking forward to next in the future?<br> PC: Placement season has begun in my university and I look forward to get a similar job, where I would actually enjoy developing things. I liked this team structure where everyone is talks to everyone and I can proudly say that, I have interned at RedCarpet :)