Transition into college life from high-school, like a boss.

19th Aug 17

College years, without a doubt, are the best years of your life. Be it late night binging in hostel rooms, finishing assignments last minute, catching up on sleep during lectures, crushing on the person who has totally blown you away, and making do with a limited allowance but making memories and friendships which last a lifetime.

Tired after 14 years of school, we eagerly await the very first day of college. However, with all the excitement of starting this new phase in life, for some, also comes some anxieties - questions rather - about how would this transition be? Is it going to be difficult? Will I fit in? The atmosphere in a college widely differs from high school. There is more freedom in how you utilise your time with no one to keep a check on your whereabouts. But with freedom comes the responsibility to make the right choices. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Here are a few tips which could be kept in mind in order to make a smooth transition.

  • GET INVOLVED<br> Most of the students suffer from social anxiety which can trigger feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and shyness that might make you feel anxious in situations you normally wouldn’t. To avoid this, you could join various clubs and societies in your college. It could be a sport or activity you’re already interested in or something entirely new. You would find it a lot easier to settle in and make friends.

  • FACE YOUR FEARS<br> It is essential to overcome fears and meet people who may share the same interests as you. This will help you expand your social circle. Those who have a phobia of representing themselves in front of a large audience may join the debating or the drama societies which will help them overcome this fear and gain more confidence.

  • ASK FOR HELP<br> Never feel afraid to ask for help from your fellow mates, seniors or professors, if you’re facing any difficulties or doubts regarding your studies or any other college related stuff.

  • TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF<br> In high school, the learning schedule is highly structured, and teachers are in charge of making sure one stays on task. In college, there is no such type of hands-on instructions. Professors will give you the syllabi at the beginning of each semester and there won’t be any spoon-feeding. Which means you’ll have to take responsibility for your study, manage time efficiently and be aware of the deadline, or it is easy to lose the plot!

  • SAYING ‘NO’ IS OK<br> Drinking and partying is clearly an integral part of the college culture, and there is absolutely no sin in doing so. Everything is fine if it is done up to a limit and till you don’t get addicted to it, but there shouldn’t be any peer pressure. Ever. If there is something you are uncomfortable with, then learn to say NO. Make it clear what you stand for and without the fear of judgments.

  • MANAGE YOUR MONEY<br> Money management is a major issue among students. You should have a realistic expectation of what costs may be involved such as registration, travel expenses, rent, books, food, clothes, socialising, etc. and try not to run up unnecessary debt just for the sake of something that will be of little value in the future. Whenever unsure whether an expenditure is worth it, take a look at the long term benefits of your actions and not the instant gratification it may bring.

  • ENJOY YOUR TIME<br> It’s very easy to get caught up in trying to do all the “right” extracurricular activities that will help you further your career. While focussing on academics is very important, it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your interests. Don’t always focus on doing something that might boost your resume and get so involved that you hardly enjoy your college life. Sometimes, take a step back, soak in the moment and just do what you like.

University life is to be enjoyed not endured. It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons, make new friends and explore some of the many opportunities that come your way. Make it memorable, make some stories worth sharing - it is true when they say that this time will never come again!