24th Aug 17

Sarthak Vijay landed the internship with RedCarpet by getting in touch with our co-founder via linkedin. Currently studying metallurgical engineering, this young Rajasthani lad wants to make a mark in education technology and uplift teaching standards in the country. Read on to find out how his stint at RedCarpet went.

RC: Hey Sarthak! It was great to have you here! To start with, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and what are your career goals?<br> SV: I am Sarthak Vijay currently pursuing engineering from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, in the field of metallurgical engineering and currently in the final year. I belong to Kota (Rajasthan) and come from a business family. I am currently researching in the field of education technology and looking forward to innovative and creative ideas to uplift the teaching standard in India using technology.

RC: That sounds great! From where did you get to know about RedCarpet and what made you want to intern here?<br> SV: Before summer started, I was searching the internet for fintech startups and I came aross RedCarpet. When I searched more I came to know that they were funded by YCombinator (best incubator center in my knowledge) and Google too. The idea of making credit score of college student using machine learning and AI was quite fascinating.. so I decided to explore it.

RC: How exactly did you land this internship? What was the process?<br> SV: I was searching the internet for open position at RedCarpet and I came across the linkedin contact of Mr Abhay Tamaria (cofounder of RedCarpet). So I firstly connected to him on linkedin and from there I got his email ID. So I dropped a cover letter and resume and enquired about the open position and after few days I got a call from his side and I was called to Delhi for a test. Finally, I landed an internship at RedCarpet

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RC: What kind of projects did you get to work on here? Was it the kind of work that you wanted to do?<br> SV: Initially I was working on the development of RedCarpet main site but later on I was assigned to develop a new site (marketing BA Channel site) from scratch i.e. cicell.com. Won't say this is 100% what I was looking for but it was a wonderful experience working over there under the leadership of great individuals.

RC: What would say was the most beneficial part of this internship - your most important takeaway?<br> SV: Learning development at a professional level and turning ideas into reality. How great ideas are nurtured into reality and how great is it to work at a startup, are the important takeaways.

RC: What was the most challenging thing that you had to do?<br> SV: Understanding the needs of other designers, seniors and developing the same in the best and latest way.

RC: How did you like the work atmosphere at RedCarpet?<br> SV: Great culture, amazing work place environment and best thing is flexibility with timings.

RC: Surely there must be a few favourite moments here, can you share them with us?<br> SV: Saturdays were for training sessions for BA (Brand Ambassador) trainees, and on one Saturday Redbull people had come for sampling their energy drink. We drank so much of it and were hyperactive after... haha. So it was a better day than the rest of the days.

RC: Now that your internship is over, what are you looking forward to next in the future?<br> SV: I want to be constantly learning, and working on new technologies. Looking forward to interesting opportunities and working with amazing people on new ideas.