RC Intern Talk: Soumya on her RedCarpet experience.

20th May 18

RC: Hey Soumya! Hope you are doing good today! For starters, why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself and your career goals?

**Saumya:**Hi! So, I’m a final year undergrad Design Student specializing in Product Design from UPES which is in Dehradun. I’m currently in my final semester of the course and I’m to complete my graduation project in the Industry as a requirement which is why I’m here. Currently I’m exploring my career options, in design of course since I do not want to limit myself to a particular design industry right now.

RC: Why RedCarpet? What made you want to intern here and how did find out about us?

**Saumya :**I found out about RC through Internshala where I had applied to multiple places, but the work here seemed pretty interesting. I had worked on a UI and Research project at my previous internship at John Deere but I hadn’t worked on mobile applications before and wanted to explore this option. Plus, Fintech is a completely different industry, in fact I didn’t even know much about this industry before I joined here and I’m glad I did!

RC: And what was the process of actually landing the internship?

SaumyaThe process was simple. I was given a task to design the UI of one screen of a loan management app, using gamification all the while following the google material design guidelines. Even though I didn’t really follow the rules of the task, Sandeep told me he’s willing to give me a chance provided I follow the rules once I join and I’m glad he did.

RC: Did you like the work? What kind of projects did you work on? Was it what you wanted to do?

Saumya: I loved my time and work here. I worked on the UI of the main customer app and also on some of the internal tools, which was quite challenging because I had never done anything like this before and I learned so many things on the job! The most valuable takeaways for me was that if you’re open to learning, then everyone has something to teach you! I’ve learnt a lot from the people there and was amazed at how they looked at things differently. During design discussions, they came with scenarios that I didn’t even consider. They’ve taught me to have an unbiased opinion when it comes to validating my designs, but they’ve also taught me to fight for my design if I’m right and not let others tell me how to do my job.

RC :There must have been some challenges as well? Can you tell us a bit about those?

**Saumya :**There were quite a few challenges with the work I had to do at RC. Since I was working on the UI of the customer app I had to conduct a lot of interviews with students and understand their mindset and how they would interpret a certain thing, which let me tell you was not easy. In fact, sometimes I didn’t even know what to ask them but the people at RC helped out a lot with the kind of questions to ask people and to ask yourself. Kartik was of great help when it came to understanding a user’s perspective and things they might go through. He taught me a great deal about understanding the people I’m creating this for and the things I needed to ask myself and them. My time here has been amazing and I’m glad to have been a part of RC.

RC: What about the work atmosphere here?

**Saumya :**The work atmosphere was energising. Everybody is always on their toes and the best part is that they do it willingly, no complaints! Since the work here is intense, it pushed me to be at my best at all times, which was ‘Wonderful’ for the lack of a better word. People here are very professional and always focussed in their work which was very motivating.

RC: Did you have fun working here? Any favourite moments that you can share with us?

**Saumya:**I loved the energy in the office before an upcoming release. People were always so energetic there and pushed themselves to their best to live up to the set deadline. People stayed up late nights to complete their work, and never complained, even I did at times and it was amazing. Also, within my first week my design for the splash screen had gone live and it was thrilling to say the least. That was the first time that any of my designs had gone live and I couldn’t contain my excitement. The fact that the work I did here actually went live and that people used it was the best part of my internship and also pushed me to give my heart and soul into everything I did there.

RC: What is next on the cards for you now that your internship has ended? Tell us a bit about your future plans…

**Saumya:**I’ve just completed my final jury and it went amazing. My jurors were really impressed with the work I did here. Also, I just got my first job so I’m looking forward to that, which by the way I got mostly because the interviewers were really impressed with the work I did here at RC. So, thank you RedCarpet for giving me an unforgettable experience!