What Is RedCarpet?


We lend where banks cannot see

Analytical, Strategy-Driven as a core focus

  • Leverages strategy consulting disciplines in day-to-day operations and business decisions
  • World class team and investors spread between India and US (incl YCombinator, Lightspeed and others)

A Bold & Entrepreneurial Culture

  • Growing fast enough to change India, nimble enough to challenge the broken incumbents
  • Cutting edge product, pricing, risk management, data science & marketing strategies

Doing what nobody has done before

  • Beating the industry on risk
  • Regulatory approvals (from the RBI, etc)

Values-Driven Company

  • Unique culture rooted in ethics, honesty and team-as-a-family
  • Recognized for valuing capability over pedigree
  • Challenging, collaborative, non-hierarchical, casual work environment
What’s A Strategy Analyst?

Strategy Analysts

Right from an intern to a fresh associate to the CEO who are responsible to run an entire line of business

Best of Consulting + Product Management
  • Very unique to how the best risk companies are build worldwide.
  • Go deep into product management
  • Combine product management with data-driven feedback decisioning coming from risk and acquisition.
Drive Real Business Results
  • Work with senior executives to drive important strategy decisions
  • Develop new strategies with hands-on mentorship, build business cases that meet our high bar, and help take our ideas to market
High-Performance, Data-Driven and Open Culture
  • No hierarchy. Fighting with the CEO and winning is highly encouraged.
  • Engage in creative problem-solving and rigorous, data-based debate to drive the best strategies
  • An opportunity to change India at a fundamental level
  • Your work spans RBI, Niti Aayog, Ministry of Finance, UIDAI, NPCI and others.
What Will I Do?

The Strategy Analyst Development Program

Is an unparalleled opportunity to develop world-class analytical skills and business intuition.

Immediate Ownership
  • You will get ownership of pieces of code. You will not dig holes.
  • Own critical projects, contribute to major decisions, and interact with teams across the country
Mentorship and Industry-Best Training
  • Obsessed with attracting and developing great talent
  • Regular feedback and development coaching with peers and executives
  • Learn tools, strategies from our in-house training program.
Solve Engaging Business Problems
  • Drive results by developing and testing your own hypotheses
What’s In It For Me?

Accelerate Your Learning and Career

By running part of a business from day one...something that you will never get to do anywhere else

Learn to Run a Business
  • Learn how to make integrated business decisions & how to influence senior executives
  • Learn marketing and business analytics techniques needed to win new customers and deepen relationships with our 50 million existing customers
  • High-performing analysts starting owning substantial equity options in the company